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About us

NatuVR Studios is a Film Production House specializing in Virtual Reality Filmmaking. We love to immerse our viewers and help them experience the big wide world through cinematic and interactive ways. We are hard workers who believe in the power of good storytelling and through collaboration with our clients – we create magical content.

NatuVR Studios

Nature + VR: A Virtual Ecosystem

With our content, we hope to transport and immerse you in real life environments and enjoy the experiences that our content aims to provide.

For VR users, we define the term ‘Virtual Ecosystem’ as the world you are in when you agree to put on the headset. It is there - in your Virtual Ecosystem; that we create immersive and engaging content for you to see, experience and learn from.

For our clients, the ‘Virtual Ecosystem’ can be defined as the entire array of virtual content that us at NatuVR Studios can do for you. From Still Photos, to HD Videos, to VR Tours and also VR Videos – Your virtual content is our responsibility!

We provide logistical support at each and every stage of production. We understand the importance of pre-production, good planning and hiring the right team to produce content that you need. Our onset experience and proactive nature also helps the process of production and post production to be done smoothly and with effectiveness and efficiency. We want to be our clients’ virtual ecosystem. It takes the burden off you as a client to worry about content as we take full responsibility of creating high quality virtual content to showcase your company to the world.


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360 Virtual Tours

Clickable Virtual Tours which can be embedded on websites to provide detailed view of spaces in 360 and provide information through voiceover, sound effects, music and texts.

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360 VR Videos

Be right in the middle of all the action.
VR is not just new technology to us. For us it is an opportunity to inform, educate and tell stories through a medium that is proven to be at least 33% more engaging than your regular 2D Videos.

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HD VR 'Reframed' Videos

Worried that in VR videos sometimes your users may miss what out on something important? We can fix it!
Through techniques of editing, we can recycle the VR footage to create a 2D, HD Video – showcasing the important aspects of every shot. Use Little planet view shots, animations and more to create HD content with no extra production – just let us know and we can do it in our post production process by recycling the VR Footage we shot for you.

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HD Mood Films and Testimonials

As filmmakers, we also stay close to our roots. We are always looking for organizations/people with interesting stories to tell and we produce it, and build creative content around it. We have three years of experience in producing short films and testimonials for companies in various sectors like education, clothing, corporates, real estate and more.

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Our Work

We are currently compiling all our work and this page will be ready for you in another two days or so, in the mean time here are some samples :

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