Welcome to the NatuVR Studios Portal. This is your one stop solution to all our Immersive Virtual Reality Content we have produced for our various clients. Get your phones or your VR Glasses ready and transport yourself to any world you like – with NatuVR Studios Portal. Keep coming back as we will constantly be updating this page with more immersive content for you to enjoy.

Jumpin Heights

Welcome to the Jumpin Heights VR Experience

Teleport yourself to the wilderness of Rishikesh and experience the thrills of bungee jumping from India’s Highest Bungee spot, or flying on Asia’s longest flying fox, or take a swing at India’s giant swing experience - all from the comfort of your bed!

Immerse yourself in guided 360 videos or tour the entire Jumpin Heights Facility.

Tahiliani Homes

Experience your dream home before it is even built! Our first experience with POC(Proof Of Concept) Virtual Tours was a special one.

3 Rooms in 4 different styles - these rooms and their designs were completely designed through computer graphics. The final images, compiled in a easy to use and easily accessible virtual tour. Clients and buyers all over the world could experience their dream homes, before it’s foundations were even laid down.

Alt F Coworking

Teleport yourself to AltF coworking spaces around Gurgaon. Understand the culture that runs a coworking space like AltF through interactive and immersive digital content.

This portal includes highly informative virtual tour of two coworking spaces - AltF Plaza & AltF Campus and also includes a 360 Video Value Proposition - best viewed on the Oculus Go!

FranklinCovey & NeuroLeadership Institute

Teleport yourself to Franklin Covey and NeuroLeadership institute’s new office in Gurgaon, Haryana. Get a full, step by step informative virtual tour.

FA Homes

Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t visit the showrooms!!

Our collaboration with FA Home showcases how web based virtual tours are definitely the most immersive and exciting way of showcasing sample apartments, new collections and product catalogues. 100 Megapixel Panoramic Images, 50+ Interactive hotspots and over 200 products enlisted in 3 virtual tours - Online and offline.

The best part about these tours is the ease of viewing.
No app download, no sign up required.